Pr. Catherine Chaussain is head of the lab Orofacial Pathologies, Imaging and Biotherapies- EA-2496 at the dental school of the University Paris Descartes. As a PhD student, she worked on models of 3D collagen culture of gingival and dermal stromal cells to study the wound healing process. As a post doc, she moved her interests to the study of calcified dental tissues. In particular, she identified pathological MEPE-derived peptide in human hypophosphatemic dentin. She worked as a post-doc student in Chicago at UIC in the laboratory of Pr Anne George. There, she developed a model of degradation of dentin phosphorylated proteins by MMPs and the use of the resulting cleavage products as biomolecules to induce tooth or bone regeneration. At the head of EA2496, she has developed new research themes by using the tooth to study the biomineralization and regeneration processes. Her team routinely uses human, murine pulp mesenchymal stem cells in vitro and in preclinical models. At the hospital, she is the head of the dental department of the French national reference center for rare disorders related to phosphate and calcium metabolism.

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