Preliminary program of the JFDCs 2018

This programme is only preliminary and may be subject to change.

Friday, the 29th of June - morning 8h30-12h

8h30-9h - Registration

9h-9h15 - Welcoming speech by AMPS president, Max Piffoux

9h15-9h30 - Introductory speech

9h30-10h30 - Talk 1 : Pr. Fulvio Mavilio

10h30-11h - Coffee Break

11h-12h - Talk 2 : Pr. Laurent Abel


Friday, the 29th of June - afternoon 14h-19h

14h-15h- Talk 3: Pr. Chaussain

15h-15h45 - Students oral presentations (3x15min)

15h45-16h15 - Coffee Break

16h15-17h15 - Workshops, 1/2:

- Dr. Frederic Kletz: Health Economy


- Andréa Dumoulin and Morgane Thomas-Chollierr: How to choose your internship


- Laurent Mesnard: Bioinformatics

17h15-18h00 - Students oral presentations (3x15min)

18h00 - 19h00 - Pr. Hugues de Thé


Saturday, the 30th of June - morning 9h-14h

9h-10h - Talk 4: Pr. Jacques Fleurentin

10h00-11h00 - Students oral presentations (3x15min)

11h-11h30 - Coffee Break and poster presentations

11h30-12h30 - Workshops, 1/2:

- Matthieu Lévi-Strauss: Research evaluation and grant proposal


- Boris Barbour: Some cases of unreliable research and approaches to improving research quality

12h30-14h00 - Lunch and poster presentations


Saturday, the 30th of June - afternoon, 14h-19h30

14h00-15h00 - Talk 5: Pr. Guido Kroemer/Pr. Alain Prochiantz

15h00-17h30 - General Assembly of AMPS

17h30-18h30 - Talk 6: Pr. Pierre Corvol

18h30-19h30 - Talk 7: Pr. Guido Kroemer/Pr. Alain Prochiantz

20h00: Dinner at Flam's Montparnasse


Sunday, the 1st of July - morning, 9h30-15h

9h30-10h30 - Talk 7: Dr. Yehezkel Ben-Ari

10h30-12h00 - Round table on extra-academic opportunities and entrepreneurship with Pr. Jean-Pierre Kinet from Harvard, serial entrepreneur and Ixlife fund manager; Dr. Samuel Levy, CEO of Allurion; Pr. Ben-Ari, CEO of Neurochlore.

12h00-13h30 - Lunch

14h00-14h30 - Student presentations prize awarding

14h30-15h00 - Coffee Break, Closure of the 7th JFDC and 7th EMPC

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