The AMPS (Association Médecine/Pharmacie Sciences) and EMPA (European MD/PhD Association) gather the community of MD/PhD and PharmD/PhD students at the French and European scales, respectively. Their objective is to help motivated students in medicine or pharmacy to pursue two careers in parallel: becoming both a clinical practitioner and a researcher.

Today, more and more renown M.D./Pharm.D.-Ph.D. tracks exist in France, such as l’Ecole Normale Supérieure or l’École de l’Inserm Liliane Bettencourt. Quite importantly, new regional programs have also started developing in various regions of France : the filières Médecine/Science (Medicine/Science programs).

There is a tremendous need to create meeting opportunities for this new growing community, to share ideas, dreams and desires regarding their common purpose.

The French M.D./Pharm.D.-Ph.D. Conference has become the annual meeting of M.D./Pharm.D.-Ph.D. French students for almost a decade now. The FMPPC merged with its European sister several times already, the last time being in Strasbourg in 2016.
This year again, the 7th FMPPC will proudly stand as the 7th EMPPC, with the help of our colleagues from EMPA. It is now a staple event that gathers the French and European M.D.-Ph.D. communities for 3 days so that they can discover new research, talk with global experts, and discuss with peers about new tendencies and developments in or outside of their field. One of the major interests of these meetings is the abundance and diversity of the registrants’ backgrounds, not only among the speakers but also among the students.

This congress is also a rare opportunity for you, M.D./Pharm.D. student, to come and present your work at any stage of your studies and career, from bachelor to PhD or even post doc, and eventually win some exciting prizes if elected best poster or best speaker! You are invited to submit an abstract on the first part of your registration, if interested.

To be noted: this event will be coupled with the first Massachusetts Institute of Technology/AMPS Hackathon “hacking medicine” that will take place one week earlier (22-24th june) >>> more info here <<<. Save the date, the best projects born from the hackathon will be presented in plenary sessions at the congress !

This year we have the pleasure to welcome you in a prestigious institution, the Académie Nationale de Médecine, in combination with the Imagine Institute already known by the most faithful of our members from last year's EMPPC.

For the 2018 edition of the EMPPC, you will be able to attend the talks of several very welcomed speakers:

You will also have the opportunity to attend various workshops, supervised by:

A roundtable on extra-academic opportunities and entrepreneuship will be hold on the last day of the meeting:

Finally, as said earlier, time will be dedicated to poster sessions and students talks, a prize being awarded to the best early career poster or talk!


So here you are: over with procrastination, click on the links below and register to the Europe biggest M.D./Pharm.D.-Ph.D. students gathering!

The registration to the JFDC-EMPC stand in two parts :

>>> 1) Personal details and scientific presentation submission <<< deadline: June 15th TONIGHT

Here you will enter your personal details (stage in career, status regarding accommodation need) and submit your scientific presentation if desired so. Talks and poster presentations will be evaluated by a scientific jury. Feel free to inspire the young ones, or to ask for feedbacks from the experienced ones ! You can still access this link after the 15th 17th of June, but only to give us your personal details, not to submit an abstract.

>>> 2) Registration and payment <<< deadline: June 15th June 17th!

The Saturday diner is optional, and you have a discount if you are an AMPS or EMPA member. (Double check that you are logged in with your AMPS member account, top left corner of the screen).

You can also share your thrill and eagerness or simply get updated about the event thanks to the >>> facebook event <<<

Looking forward to seeing you,
The AMPS comittee

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